09 September 2013
Exhibition and Raffle

I am very excited to have been offered the opportunity to exhibit some of my photographic work in the up-coming 'Autumn Art Exhibition' at Udale Gallery in Ross-shire. The exhibition runs from Saturday 28th September to Monday 7th October. Full details will be available on their website soon at http://www.udalegallery.co.uk and an exhibit image can be seen below. Furthermore, as many of you in the UK are aware, as I write this wee update there is a disgraceful and barbaric massacre occuring in some counties of the entire native badger population. Rather that carry out a humane cull, something I also disagree with, a bunch of trigger-happy nutjobs are causing undue pain and distress to the badgers, leaving many of them to die in agony from their gunshot wounds. I have, therefore, donated one of my photographic prints to a worthwhile Badger Raffle and Auction to raise much needed funds for the protection, rescue and assistance of dying badgers. The auction commences on Sunday 8th August via Facebook. Full details can be found by clicking on the link below:https://www.facebook.com/badgerarmyraffle


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